This is a new program available for concrete mix designing (running on excel spreadsheets) . The design method is based on BRE (Building Research Establishment) aka DOE Method.

The program is developed by the experienced Civil Engineers.

You can use the program to carry out the concrete mix designing process in the computer, this allow a faster and easier way of creating a mix design. So now, everyone can create their own mix ! Included in the program is the mix optimizer, where you can optimize your mix using the lab trial results and using water reducer data.

You can also use the program for educational purpose to teach people how the mix designing is carried out.

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Total programs included (Excel Based For Easy Usage)

1. Concrete Mix Designer

2. Mix Optimizer

3. Mix Volume Checker

4. Cost Calculator

Please view the screen shots.

The program is available now for purchase for a very attractive price. Once payment is made, you will be emailed with the download link. You will be entitled for free upgrade when there are new versions available !

Price : USD 10 (USD Ten Dollars Only)

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